Dev log: work in progress of 1 handed sword animation set

This is a work in progress of a 1 handed sword (without shield) animation set for Aliens, Trolls & Dragons.

What you see on this video is about 1/5 of the whole set. The basic walking and running is done, the rest of the animations need cleaning (the popping leg in couple of animations for example), cutting, posture tweaking and animating fingers. Final set should be about 160 animations. It will be used for 1 handed short swords, sabres, scimitars, falchions. Unless player grabs a shield (they will have limited durability, so they won’t last forever)!

Dev log: New creature model (video)


New alien mount model

Just a quick update to show you what locals use for transportation. Due to slightly lower gravity and richer atmosphere, creatures on this planet can grow way bigger then on Earth (well, today’s Earth – size like that was nothing special in the dinosaur era).

Here’s how it looks and moves in the game (with test aniamtion):